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Eurojackpot is a lottery of international level, the drawing runs in Helsinki, on Fridays at 21:00, starting from 2012. Today, residents of 17 European countries (Germany, Sweden, Italy, etc.) participate in the Eurojackpot drawings.

The minimum jackpot amount is 10 million euros. If the jackpot is not drawn during the game, the jackpot accumulates. The maximum amount of prize is 90 million euros. A ticket costs from 3 to 6 euros . For this price you get the opportunity to make a single bet. The chance to become the lucky winner of millions is 1 in 95 359 658. But the probability of winning the remaining 11 prizes is quite high.

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Rules of the European lottery EuroJackpot


To master the rules, you need to understand the main key points. Eurojackpot tickets can be bought only by residents of countries where this lotto is registered. This group of countries includes: Lithuania, Sweden, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Spain, Estonia, Germany, Norway, Poland, Latvia, Slovakia, Iceland, Slovenia, Netherlands, Finland, Italy. Everyone can purchase a ticket online on the reliable intermediary’s website. After the draw, the resource publics information with the results. If the draw has already passed, but you couldn’t see it, don’t worry. Eurojackpot results for today are already posted on the site — visit it. On the website there is an opportunity to view the archive of Eurojackpot’s draws, winners of previous games, photos of the lucky ones, etc.

You can purchase a ticket if you are of legal age. In these countries, with the exception of Estonia, adults are over 18 years of age. In Estonia, this threshold is slightly reduced, citizens can play Eurojackpot Lotto from 16 years old.

The rules of the game itself are as simple as possible. You need to guess the winning combination of 7 numbers. 5 digits are selected from the first block (range of numbers from 1 to 50), and 2 from the additional block (numbers from 1 to 10). If a player guessed 7 digits – he becomes a millionaire, because he earned at least 10 million euros! If you guessed from 2 to 6 digits – do not be upset. You get from 8 euros to 1 million euros! There are 13 prize categories. Even the minimum prize (8 euros) allows you to recoup price of lottery ticket and stay in the black. Players with years of experience use small winnings to purchase extra tickets.

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How the lotto draw runs

As stated above, the Eurojackpot lottery draw is held weekly, on Fridays, at 21:00 Helsinki time. It is noteworthy that the game process is fully automated. There is no host to announce the results of Eurojackpot. Viewers see a studio with 2 lottery drums: the big and the small one. The first one contains 50 yellow balls, 5 of them are chosen randomly. In the second lototron there’re 10 yellow balls, 2 balls of which are randomly extracted.

How to play EuroJackpot anywhere in the world

Unfortunately, non-EU citizens cannot buy a ticket on their own. The solution is simple — use the services of an intermediary. The intermediary takes responsibility for the purchase of the ticket (offline at the official outlet of the participating countries). There are few reliable companies on the market today that offer this type of service. As a rule, the conditions of one-day companies differ from honest suppliers by extremely low prices, because they do not bear the actual cost of buying tickets.

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Getting a lottery win

The procedure for obtaining a win involves a number of nuances. Only the rightful owner of the coveted winning ticket can receive a prize. The only one who bought the ticket, or received it as a gift at the good will can claim the prize. You can get a prize in the country where the ticket was purchased. Before paying your win, lottery agents verify the authenticity of the ticket and the correct combination.


If you played through an intermediary and won, there are several scenarios:

  1. You will be notified of your winnings by phone or email. At this time, the amount you won is stored in the form of a check pending your further instructions. You can save received funds on personal account and use to buy new tickets.
  2. You can also withdraw the prize to a Bank account and use it for your needs. As a rule, intermediary companies of large lotteries like Eurojackpots use an international accredited financial company to make money transfers. The duration of the operation may take from 2 to 10 working days, depending on the terms and conditions of the banking organization in which the winner has an account.

Tax on winning

No matter how you wan the Eurojackpot, online or offline, the amount of winnings received is tax-free. This case the lottery is similar to Euromillions. BUT! This rule applies only to citizens of European States. If you have citizenship of the other countries, be prepared to pay taxes in accordance with the current legislation of your state.

However, it is very difficult for tax officials to identify and prove the fact that you have won the lottery. Therefore, to pay this tax or not is your choice.

Lotto winners


The richest year on record wins was 2016. This year, the three lucky ones managed to hit the jackpot. October 15, a native of a unique place, the land of Baden-Württemberg received the maximum amount in the history of lotto (for 6 years from 2012 to 2018) – 90 000 000 euros. No sooner had the people forgotten his hero, as a resident of Germany from Hesse received 84 800 000 euros July 29. And 4 months later, in March, a native of North Rhine-Westphalia became the richest resident of his town, when won 76 800 000 euros. As practice has shown, it isn’t necessary to live in the capital to become a millionaire.

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History and general information

For the first time to win jackpot in Eurojackpot people tried in March 2012, in the capital of Finland. The idea of creating an international lottery appeared earlier, in 2006. Initially, the creators planned to compete with Euromillions lotto and move it off the pedestal of world fame. The first countries to welcome the lottery were Germany, Finland and Italy. Netherlands, Denmark and Slovenia joined later. The last to play the lottery were Estonians.


Eurojackpot celebrated the seventh birthday in March 2019. It has gained an impressive number of regular players from Europe and around the world. The army of fans of this entertainment expresses only positive feedback about Eurojackpot (you can read them on the website or third-party sites, forums). This is understandable, because everyone has the opportunity to win prizes from 8 euros by buying a ticket for 3.

It’s time to act and look for an intermediary company to buy a ticket. Think carefully about what combination of numbers to choose. Maybe you will take the next jackpot of 90 million euros!

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