8 strategies to play and win in world lotteries

Let’s consider 8 methods that can be used when playing lotteries. Some of them really increase the chances of winning, and some are just a possible way of choosing numbers, but, nevertheless, have their own rationale.

I will list main methods of playing the lottery listed in the article:


The meaning of this method is that if you do not manage to significantly increase your chances in opposition to the lototron (due to fixed rules with which you have to agree), then direct your forces to fight with competitors – the same participants of the system.

Try to implement the advantage as follows. Analyze which numbers from the selectable range players will choose most often. For example, if it is a lottery “6 of 49”, then many people may be more likely to cross out the numbers from 1 to 31, choosing some important dates for themselves – the days of the month. You, on the contrary, can take most of the numbers from the range 32-49. This method will not increase your chances of winning, but if your combination of numbers turns out to be winning, you most likely will not have to share the prize with anyone.

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This method also doesn’t affect the probability of winning, but will help to choose the numbers for the upcoming draw. In fact, it is the opposite of the psychological method.


For example, numbers can be selected based on the date of birth. For example, if you were born on 11/14/1984 and you need to select 5 numbers for the Thunderball lotto “5 of 39”, then in fact you already have 2 numbers ready – 11 and 14.

Since 84, and especially 1984, does not suit us, according to the rules of numerology, we can transform a complex number to a simpler one by successively summing the numbers of which it consists. In our case, we get the number 22 (if you want, you can simplify further: 2+2=4). Now you have the third number.

As the fourth number, you can choose the key digit of the date of birth, which is calculated by reducing the full date to a single digit number (but in our case, we can also consider two-digit numbers): as a result of summing 8 digits, we get 29; 2+9=11; 1+1=2.

The fifth number may be the serial number of the day of the week when you were born. Since it was Wednesday-respectively, there will be a number 3.

Thus, if you plan to buy several tickets, you can use different combinations of the resulting numbers:

  • 2, 3, 11, 14, 22;
  • 3, 4, 11, 14, 29;
  • 3, 4, 11, 14, 22 etc.

You can also convert your name to numbers. Let’s say your name is Jacob. If we assign each letter of the alphabet a sequence number from 1 to 26, we get the following values: 10, 1, 3, 15, 2.

In the case of the alphabet, the disadvantage of this method is that it is impossible to obtain numbers 27, 28 and higher.

Balanced strategy


Balanced strategy finds its application in numerical lotteries, in which the player is given the right to choose numbers.

Numbers, in turn, can have many properties, features and characteristics. The winning combination in the lottery is not an exception. The balanced strategy is based on the sum of the dropped numbers.

For example, let’s take Powerball lottery, which has 2 number ranges: 1 to 69 and 1 to 26. The minimum sum of 5 numbers of the first range and 1 number of the second range is 16. And the maximum amount is equal to 361. If you study the statistics of draws, you can find out what range the sums of numbers are concentrated. It remains only to pick up the numbers in the ticket within this range.

If you would like to see such statistics on this site, write in the comments and I will definitely make a post about it with recommendations.

Multidraws Method


This method consists in the fact that every draw you fill out tickets on the basis of a pre-developed strategy, from which you can not deviate. This method will make it easier for you to participate in the lottery, since you won’t need to puzzle every time which numbers to choose. And this is quite reasonable, given that the raffle of any combination is equally likely. You just need to wait for the moment when one of your combinations will be raffled.

Participation in distributive draws

Participation in draws with accumulated, but not raffled during the year prize fund, doesn’t increase the probability of victory – it remains the same. But due to the accumulated money at the end of the game series, you can get a bigger win. At the same time, you can get good payouts even for partially guessed combinations.

Lottery with the expanded bet

If the lottery rules and financial opportunities allow, play with expanded bets, when in the ticket for an additional fee you can already cross out, for example, not 5 numbers out of 39, but 10. Such a ticket, of course, will cost much more, but the chances of winning significantly increase.

IMPORTANT! Before making such a bet, find out whether it will be justified in case of guessing a smaller number of digits, so that you can return at least a large part of the money spent in case you do not win the jackpot. For example, if we are talking about the lottery “5 out of 39”, look at the previous draws, what payments people got when guessing 4 or 3 digits.

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Using magic in a lottery


If desired (and importantly – if you believe in it) you can use certain magical receptions under participation in lottery. For example, some players use the following methods:

  • take any talisman either dress a certain “happy” clothes, going for buying tickets;
  • purchase lottery tickets at a favorable date according to predictions and a favorable time during this day;
  • perform some magical ritual before buying tickets or/and starting the draw;
  • ake into account various folk signs (there are many stories associated with the fact that a bird shits on a person on the street, and he, realizing that this is predicts getting money, buys a lottery ticket on the same day and wins a big prize);
  • turn to magicians for the purpose of plotting to attract money;
  • fortune telling for the outcome of the draw to select the appropriate numbers.

Considering that all these actions are individual in nature, as well as too diverse in its application, we will not analyze each of the above practices-let everyone decide for himself whether to use them when playing the lottery or not.

But if you are a fan of horoscopes, I advise you to read our horoscope for the year to know what lady luck prepared for your sign.

Joel Claus technique

Continuing the theme of using the magic, it is not superfluous to mention one more method that can be useful when choosing numbers for the upcoming lottery draw. I mean visualization. So, Joel Claus, the author of the book “The Messenger”, offers to make the following actions (in fact, they are described in relation to the bets, but the principle does not change):

  • Retire to a separate room and sit in a chair so that your posture was the most comfortable.
  • Relax and imagine that you are in a passenger train.
  • Imagine that a train stops at stations with some frequency. There should be as many stops as there are days left before the lottery draw.
  • “Get off” at the destination station, go to the kiosk and buy a newspaper in which the results of the draw are printed. If they are in the Newspapers in reality are not published, but reported on TV, then follow the station building, go to one of the TVs, where the winning numbers will be announced.
  • Return to the platform and take the train in the opposite direction.
  • Once you’re at your home station, complete the visualization.

Of course, this method of “travel to the future” is not suitable for everyone, and the result is not guaranteed. However, you can try.



After reading the material of this article, you probably thought that there is no effective method of playing the lottery, which can significantly increase the chances of winning. This is due to the randomness of the draw process and a huge number of options for its outcome.

And if you really decided to try your luck in the lottery, just competently approach this case, consistently following theese steps:

  • Determine for yourself the amount that can be spent on tickets without regrets and damage to the budget.
  • Choose the most comfortable type of draw – that is, instant or draw lottery.
  • Pick lottery within the type that you like not only in terms of concept, but has acceptable conditions in comparison with competing options for the following characteristics: cost of ticket; probability of winning jackpot; the ratio of the odds of winning prizes side to their sum; easy to get wins.
  • Check out the statistics of previous draws of the selected lottery to have an idea how often the big prizes are won.
  • Search the Internet for reviews about the lottery operator to make sure that the draws are conducted honestly and transparently (it is desirable that it was a major organizer, long working in the market like New South Wales Lotteries or Camelot Group).
  • Carefully read all the rules on the intermediary’s website and other official sites.
  • Choose a suitable method for choosing numbers or tickets. Use tequeniques discussed in the article, or come up with your own. Study the statistics of past draws to make certain conclusions for yourself on the frequency of certain numbers (“hot”/”cold” digits).

As for me, I have been combining the “Multidraws Method” and the “Balanced Strategy” for several years. And it gives a good result. Despite the fact that I have not yet managed to win the jackpot, this tactic gives me profit.

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Even if you lose in one or more draws in a row, do not immediately change your strategy-continue to test it further. Taking into account the probability of winning the lottery, the distance is important, on the basis of which it will be possible to make certain conclusions.

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