German lottery “Lotto 6 aus 49”


Lotto de 6 aus 49 is a German lottery, raffled for the first time in 1974. DLTB is the lotto operator. It controlled launching of 16 lotteries in the country. The initial jackpot is set at 1 million euros for Wednesdays draws and 2 million euros on Saturdays.

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Rules of the Lotto 6 of 49

One of the main question is who can buy tickets? This can be done only by residents of Germany who have reached the age of majority (18 years). Before buying ticket, player must make a combination of numbers, that will be winning one in his opinion. He selects 6 numbers from the first block (block range is from 1 to 49) and 1 ball from the second block (from 0 to 9). This one is called “Superzahl” (translated as “super ball”). The jackpot is divided between those participants who guessed 6 main numbers and the “super ball”.


There are also 7 categories of additional prizes. To get the minimum amount, you just need to guess 2 balls. The smaller the prize, the greater the chances of receiving it. If the jackpot combination is not guessed during the drawing, the amount is accumulated. The jackpot may increase tens of times. For example, in 2007 the jackpot was increased from 1 million to 43,381,457 euros.

Buy ticket of Lotto de 6 aus 49

The ticket price of Lotto 6 out of 49 is minimum 2 euros. For the money you get the opportunity to choose one combination. You can also purchase additional options:

  1. “Spiel 77” or “Game 77.” Players are encouraged to select 7 numbers from 0 to 9 to participate in the additional draw. The option costs 2.5 euros.
  2. “Super 6”. You need to select 6 numbers to participate in the additional game. The last number is a “super ball”. The cost of the option is 1.25 euros.

How the lotto draw runs

Lottery 6 of 49 is held weekly: on Wednesday at 18:50 and on Saturday at 21:45 Berlin time. There are 2 lottery drum with balls in the studio. The first device starts the draw and selects 6 numbers for combination. The second device randomly selects the “Super Ball”.

After draw, results are posted on the official website of Germany Lotto. If you missed the draw, you can check your ticket of lotto 6 of 49 on the website. Site contains the latest relevant information about the lottery.

How to play German lottery anywhere in the world


According to the rules of German licensed lottery, only Germans can purchase the coveted ticket. Thanks to modern technologies and services of intermediary companies, people everywhere in the world can try their luck in the fight for several million dollars. To participate the Lotto de 6 aus 49 draw you need to perform several actions:

Find an intermediary company and become its client. Although today there are not many reliable companies on the market, but they exists. You choose a combination of numbers. The intermediary buys a ticket, you can find scan copy of it in your account. After check the results of Lotto 6 of 49 on the website.

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Getting a lottery win


The odds of getting a jackpot are nearly 1 of 139.8 million. The probability of becoming the owner of a prize of the minimum category is 1 of 54. If you played through an intermediary and were lucky, it won’t be difficult to get a prize. If the win amount is less than 2500 euros, it will be automatically credited to the account of your personal game account, and then transferred to a bank account.

If the winning amount is above 2500 euros, the intermediary will contact you to clarify the details, agree on the most convenient way for you to receive the won amount. If you choose a bank transfer, its duration is about 2-10 days. The term of the operation depends on the conditions and rules of the bank where the account is opened.

Tax on winning

According to German law, lottery winnings are not tax deductible. But the tax policy of your country may provide for tax payments in case of winning the lottery. This is due to the fact that the amount won is equated to income from non-labor activities. So the winner must pay individual income tax.

Lotto winners

In the history of the existence of Lotto 6 aus 49, a record jackpot was won in 2007. Its amount was 43 381 457 euros. The prize was shared equally between 3 lucky people from the provincial cities of Germany. Each of them received 14,460,485 euros. The biggest jackpot, that one man won, was raffled a year earlier, in 2006. A resident from a small village in the north of the country received 37 678 295 €.

Take a part in the lottery game Lotto de 6 aus 49

History and general information


Given the national specific and mentality of Germans, gambling is not in high demand in the country. But the lotteries go with a bang. The Germans are practical people and like to combine business with pleasure: relax, watch the draw and earn money by guessing numbers correctly. Lotto de 6 aus 49 has a fifty-year history. Initially, the lottery was called “Glücksspirale”, which translates as “The spiral of happiness.” The first draw took place in 1969. Lotto was created to raise funds for the Munich Olympic Games. That proceeds of the national lottery helped with the German World Cup. The lottery turned out to be so popular that it was not closed after these major sport events. Germans spend more than $ 6,000,000,000 to purchase tickets of this legendary lotto every year. Therefore, if there were no financial difficulties in the country, today we would not be able to enjoy the fascinating game “6 of 49”.

Today, Lotto de 6 aus 49 is also popular with players from other countries. There is a large number of positive reviews about it on the Internet.

Buy a ticket of the main German lottery 6 aus 49

It’s time to try your luck! The probability of winning prizes in 7 categories is high enough. Think carefully before choosing numbers for combination. Perhaps, you will hit the jackpot and become a next euro-millionaire. Get your ticket today – take the first step to the cherished million!


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