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Oz Powerball is the Australian version of the world famous Powerball lotto. The main organizer in Australia is company “New South Wales Lotteries”.

Australian and American entertainment are fundamentally different for each other. Many players note that only the name unites them. In the United States, a combination is considered winning when the player correctly guessed the “power ball”. In Australia, get a prize, you must guess at least 3 numbers, 2 standard and 1 “power ball”.

Differences are also may be noted in getting the jackpot. In case of a win, in America the winner receives the prize in installments in annual installments. And in Australia, the lucky one immediately takes the amount in a lump-sum payment in cash. It is worth considering the differences in taxation. In America, winnings are subject to mandatory tax payments to the US Treasury. If you are a citizen of another country, then you also need to pay taxes according to the tax policy of the country of citizenship. In Australia, lottery winnings are exempt from taxes. In this regard, playing the Australian Australian lottery on Saturday is more profitable than playing the American lottery.

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Rules of the Australian Oz Powerball

The developers of Powerball Lotto Australia used the American version as the basis, but a number of rules were changed. To participate in the drawing you need to buy a ticket and mark a numerical combination of 6 digits of the first block (numbers from 1 to 40), as well as a number that is a “power ball” in the second block (balls from 1 to 20). There are 8 different prize categories. For this reason, even if you have not hit the main jackpot, you should not be upset.

The minimum jackpot is 3,000,000 Australian dollars. If during the draw this amount is not raffled, it accumulates and proceeds to the next draw. There is no limit to the maximum jackpot amount. For example, a jackpot of 80 million AUD was drawn about 10 years ago.

The chance to become a millionaire is 1 in 76,766,600. The probability of winning a prize of the minimum category is millions of times higher – 1 out of 10: you need to guess 2 standard numbers and 1 number “power ball”.

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How the lotto draw runs

The draw helds weekly on Thursdays. Draw time – 20:30 Eastern Daylight Time. Draws are played out in the studio of the “Seventh Channel” TV channel, where 2 lottery drums are installed. The first apparatus with 40 balls selects 6 balls, and the second lototron with 20 balls selects 1 “powerball”. The host is Troy Ellis, who is very popular in Australia. If you do not have time to watch the results of the Australian Powerball on television, there is an opportunity to go to the lottery reseller’s website and get acquainted with the results. On this Internet resource you will find other useful information.

How to play Oz Powerball anywhere in the world

Many international lotteries restrict the purchase of tickets for citizens of other countries. Therefore, players who are not citizens of Australia turn to the services of intermediary companies. These companies take a certain percentage for the services. Many people are reluctant to spend money and are wondering how to play the Australian lottery without using services of intermediaries.


Unfortunately, the answer is simple and disappointing – there is no such possibility. As well as major European and American lottos, Australian do not have their official dealers in the network. In this regard, the only way out for players from other countries is to use the services of a reliable intermediary. Register and replenish deposit on your personal account to do this. Get a ticket and choose a combination of numbers that you think is the winning one. Now it remains to wait for the coming Thursday and view the results of the draw.

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Getting a lottery win

In case of a win, you will receive a notification in your account or by email. Further, the funds won will be credited to the client account. You can leave money on the account and use it to buy new lottery tickets. An alternative is to withdraw the winnings to a bank account. As you can see, everything is as simple as possible. This is done for the comfort and convenience of players.

Tax on winning

As mentioned earlier, the Australian government exempted citizens from paying taxes for lottery winnings. ОHowever, do not ignore the provisions of the tax policy of your state. According to legislation of many countries, winning a lottery is equal to income and is subject to individual income tax.

Lotto winners

The record jackpot of the Australian analogue of US Powerball lottery was raffled in 2009. Then 2 residents of the capital shared 80 million AUD. Due to such a large amount, Oz Powerball Australia took a high place in the ranking of the most prestigious world lotteries, famous for their excellent financial prospects. This is the second in a row largest prize won in Australia.


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The second largest jackpot is 58 million AUD. Australian who wished to remain anonymous received it in 2008. And the third record is 33 million AUD. It is noteworthy, that it was with this gain that in 2007 large prizes began. Until 2007, since the start of the lottery, no one has managed to hit such a big jackpot. Prior to this, the winners managed to pick up no more than 10,000,000 Aust. Doll.

History and general information

Residents of the country began to play the described Australian lottery in May 1995, when the first draw took place. In 2013, the eighth prize category was added, which increased the chances of receiving a prize. Lotto has a reputation of reliable and honest, which is confirmed by numerous positive reviews.

It is worth noting the high social responsibility of the project. Part of the proceeds from the sale of tickets from each draw goes to charity. The Australian Powerball supports initiatives such as “Star Light” (a children’s charitable organization), sponsorship of government hospitals, cultural organizations, and so on.


Today, players around the world know that Powerball — is not only an American, but also an Australian lottery. Each version has its own army of loyal players, whose ranks are replenished daily.

Do you want to become a millionaire and try your luck? Then buy the cherished ticket and select 7 numbers. Maybe your name will go into the Australian Powerball Hall of Fame.


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