The main United States lottery – Powerball


Powerball is an American worldwide known lottery, because of its generous prizes and a record minimum jackpot of $ 40 million. Lottery draw runs 2 times a week, Wednesday and Saturday in 44 States, as well as in Puerto Rico, the district of Columbia and the Virgin Islands.

Everyone, who bought a Powerball lottery ticket has a unique opportunity to compete for 4 fantastic prizes during one draw, which significantly increases the chances of winning.

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Rules of the American Powerball lottery

To become a member of the Powerball Lottery draw you need to buy a ticket, choose 5 different numbers from 1 to 69 and an additional number from the second block, where the numbers from 1 to 26 are located. If a player guesses 6 digits – he wins the jackpot. If you guess from 1 to 5 digits, you win the amount in the range of $4 – $ million. The minimum price of a lottery ticket is from $ 2. The ticket can be specified at the same time 10 different combinations and thus increase the chances of winning. BUT! Important to note: an additional combination costs $ 2.

Powerball Lotto has a Power Play option. It can be additionally purchased by the ticket owner, the cost is +1 dollar to the final ticket price. In case of a win, the option increases the amount of win by 2, 3, 4, or even 5 times. BUT! If you win the jackpot, you cannot use Power Play. The option works exclusively for offline buyers in the USA, online intermediaries do not provide it.

The winning amount is calculated as follows: you got a red ball, or both red and white – you get $ 4; 3 balls of any color – $ 7; 4 balls of any color – $ 100; 4 white balls and 1 red – 10 thousand dollars; 5 white balls – $ 1,000,000.


If several participants guessed the jackpot combination, the prize is divided equally by the number of winners. As a rule, the jackpot’s fund starts at $ 40 million and higher, the amount increases with subsequent draws of Powerball lottery by $ 10 million dollars until it is raffled. When 1 or more players win the jackpot, its amount again returns to the mark of $ 40 million.

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In some states, the rules of the game of the American lottery may vary slightly. For example, in California, the amount of winnings is determined by the sum of the prize pool and the number of winners based on the results of the draw.

If you win the jackpot, the prize is paid in annual installments for 30 years. You can also request immediately 60% of the cash prize. To receive the prize in cash, you must write a statement within two months after the draw that you are the lucky one, who hit the jackpot, and provide proof – a ticket with the right combination. Any winning amount, $ 2 or $ 1 million, must be received within 180 days from the date of the draw.

How the lotto draw runs

A common question: how to win the Powerball lottery? You need to buy a ticket, guess the combination of numbers and follow the draw. The US Powerball lottery draw is held twice a week: on Wednesday and Saturday, at 22:59 North American time in Tallahassee, Florida. In the studio there are two special lottery drums with balls, numbers are written on them. There are 69 white balls in the first lottery drum, and 26 red balls in the second. Balls are randomly selected by the apparatuses: 5 from the first lottery drum and 1 from the second. The last, sixth ball is the Powerball. You get a jackpot if you guessed all 5 white balls and 1 red.

How to play Powerball anywhere in the world

According to the US Powerball lottery policy, its tickets can’t be sold outside the United States of America. To purchase a ticket and participate in the draw, to citizens of other countries of the world you must use the services of online intermediaries. The ticket price will be slightly higher than for US citizens, since it is necessary to pay for the services of an intermediary: hiring a person in America, who buys the desired ticket, scans and sends it.


Rules for participation of foreign citizens in the Powerball lottery:

  1. You become an online reseller client of the American lottery.
  2. An online reseller purchases a lottery ticket at official points of sale in the United States and notes the combinations you choose.
  3. You get a purchase receipt on email, you specified.
  4. Visit the reseller’s website during the draw to check the powerball lottery ticket. You can also visit the site after the draw to familiarize yourself with the Powerball Lotto results.

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Getting a lottery win

The procedure for obtaining the winning amount of various intermediary companies is slightly different. Therefore, before buy a Powerball lottery ticket, specify the rules for receiving winnings on the appropriate section of the site or through the feedback form. The chance of winning amounts from $ 4 to 1 million is 1 to 24.87. But the probability of becoming the owner of the jackpot is 1 in 292 201 338.

Tax on winning

The United States of America has a strict tax policy. For any prizes of citizens, if their amount is more than 5 thousand dollars, a federal tax is charged. Some states withhold additional taxes from the amounts won. And according to the rules of a number of states, prizes in excess of $ 600 are shown as income in annual tax form.

Citizens of other countries who have become winners are not exempted from these tax payments. They are also required to pay taxes in accordance with the established tariffs and the rules of their state.

Lotto winners

The largest jackpot ever was won in January 2016. 3 members became its owners: from California, Tennessee and Florida. 1.586 billion dollars were divided equally between them. Each one received $ 528,866,666.


And in the summer of 2017, the record for the sum of the jackpot won by one ticket was broken. A resident of the state of Massachusestts received 758.7 million US dollars (the amount was collected over 20 draws).

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History and general information

The history of the world’s most famous lottery started since1988, after the foundation “America Lotto” by MUSL association. Entertainment got its current name only after 4 years. Power Play option added in 2001. According to the original policy, Powerball tickets were sold in states that did not sell competing lottery tickets – “Mega Millions”. Until 2009, that’s what happened. Powerball tickets were available in 23 states. Today, implementation is carried out in 44 states. State governments use the revenue at their discretion. As a rule, funds are spent on activities in the field of social improvement and education in the framework of state programs.


Initially, the range of red balls was from 1 to 39. Then it was reduced to 35, and then to 26. This allowed to increase the chances of winning. In 2012, in honor of the twentieth anniversary of the lottery, the initial jackpot amount was increased from 20 to 40 million dollars.

Millions of people from around the world have already tried their luck and become the happy winners. Reviews about Powerball are almost all positive. It’s time to try! Just imagine how many wishes you can realize, if you win 1,000,000 US dollars.

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