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Superenalotto is an Italian lottery, played since 1997 every week, on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. The minimum jackpot amount is 2,000,000 euros, it is accumulated and may exceed the threshold of 100 million euros.

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Rules of the European lottery SuperEnaLotto

You need to buy a lottery ticket. You need to buy a lottery ticket. Anyone who has reached the age of majority can do this. There is a block with numbers from 1 to 90 on the ticket . Additionally, you need to select the number “Jolly”. You need to select 6 digits, which are a winning combination in your opinion. To receive the jackpot, you need to guess all 6 numbers. The creators of the game provided for 5 categories of prizes: for 5 guessed main numbers and “Jolly”, for 5, 4, 3 and 2 main numbers.


The minimum prize is 25 euros. The probability of winning a jackpot and becoming a millionaire is 1 in 622 615 620. And the chances of winning 25 € are millions of times higher – 1 in 22. If the jackpot is not raffled during the draw, its amount keeps to the next draw and accumulates. This practice occurs frequently. There’s no limit for jackpot volume. Therefore, winnings of tens of millions euros are not something rare or unusual for fans of the Italian Superenalotto lottery.

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How the lotto draw runs

As already mentioned, the draw is held weekly, 3 times a week: on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 20:00 CET. The drawing is held in the studio, where 2 lottery drum is installed. The first one contains 90 balls, of which the machine selects a winning six-digit combination. The second device is needed to determine the ball “Jolly”. Each number and combination are fully announced by the host.

If you didn’t have time to watch the broadcast, you can find out the results on the official website of the lottery – This Internet resource contains up-to-date useful information about the lotto: the results of the last draws, memorable photos for the history of existence, a detailed description of the rules of the game, tax payment rates and so on.

How to play Italian Lotto?

According to the rules of SuperEnaLotto, Italian citizens and people who lives in the country can buy a ticket. But residents of other countries want to be able to play this game too. There is a solution! You need to use the services of specialized intermediary companies. Here’s a full instruction:

  1. You choose a company and go through a simple registration to become its client.
  2. The intermediary opens a personal account where you can view relevant information, news, notifications, etc.
  3. You mark a combination of numbers.
  4. A company buys a ticket and places its scan copy in a client account.
  5. It only remains to wait for the draw and find out if you have become a millionaire.

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Getting a lottery win

In case of winning, after the Superenalotto drawing, you will receive a notification from the intermediary company in one of these ways: by SMS message, letter to the specified email address, call or notification in your personal account. Further, the amount will be automatically credited on the created deposit. Winnings can be left on the account to buy new lottery tickets and place bets. An alternative is to withdraw the winnings to a bank account and then dispose them.


Tax on winning

According to Italian tax policy, lottery prizes are taxed. The volume depends on the size of the gain:

Win amount (Euro)Tax (Euro/ %)
Less than 100No
100 to 3001,3 €
300 to 5003,1 €
500 to 10003,1 € + 12% of the amount
More than 1000 6,2 € + 12% of the amount

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If fortune has smiled upon you, do not forget to transfer a certain percentage to the treasury of the homeland of Superenalotto. Also, don’t forget about the tax policy of the state where you live. In many countries lottery prizes are equalled to income. So you have to pay an individual income tax.

Lotto winners

The biggest jackpot was raffled in 2010. The created syndicate from Milan won 177 million euros. More than 8 years have passed, none of the players managed to surpass this Superenalotto lottery result. On the second place in the ranking of Italian SuperEnaLotto’s record prizes is the winner from the city of Vibo Valenti. Lucky one single-handedly took 163 million €. Our hero did not want to call his name and asked the organizers to maintain complete confidentiality.


On the third place is a resident of Tuscany, who became the owner of 146 million in 2009. Following him are two Italians from Parma. It so happened, that they guessed the winning combination together and shared 138 million. Each one received 69 million euro. And the relatively recent victory closes the TOP-5. An Italian woman from Sicily became a new millionaire with 130 million euros wealth in spring of 2018.

History and general information

Probably Superenalotto is one of the lotteries, that boasts the richest history. It started from 1950, when the world was ruled by completely different orders. Then the entertainment was called “Enalotto” and it was played in several cities of Italy.


The game acquired its current form on the eve of the new millennium, in 1997. Then, SISAL rebranded, radically changed the concept and mechanics of the game. As a result, we have SuperEnaLotto in its modern guise, which is very popular today among Italians and residents of the world.

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Until 2009, the combination was determined during the Lottomatica Lotto draw, which was held in Florence, Naples, Rome, Palermo, Milan and Bari. In each city there was a studio with a lottery drum, which chose 1 ball. Next, a combination was collected in accordance with the list of cities. Then, in Venice, the lototron chose “Jolly” number. If the last number repeated the previous one, the lottery drum was launched again.

The lottery has moved away from this mechanism and greatly simplified the process since July 2009. Now the studio is situated only in one city.

Do you want to become the next owner of a record jackpot? Then it’s time to act! You can buy a ticket and choose a winning combination right now! Approach the choice of numbers responsibly, your future well-being depends on it!


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