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What are the famous world lotteries? These are the same lotteries as any local ones with a choice of numbers from the range, only much larger than local. And, of course, absolutely honest and transparent. You can watch drawings’ broadcasts online without leaving home. Foreign lotteries publish their income and prize pool. The prize fund of the lotteries of the world, as a rule, is 50-60% of sold tickets value. Mostly, local lotteries in different countries, this amount is kept in great secret and rarely exceeds 20%. Hundreds of people become millionaires every month thanks to playing world lotteries.


Where the biggest world lotteries are held

Under the world lottos, we primarily understand the lotteries of Europe, US lotteries and Australian lotteries. Lottery should be appropriate to several criterias to be surely recommended:

  • The country of drawings and jackpots’ payment is either EU countries, USA or Australia.
  • Size of the annual prize fund. At least $2 billion
  • Chances to win. At least 1 to 15 on each ticket
  • Jackpot’s and second prize’s size. The jackpot is over $15 million and the second prize is minimum $100 thousand.
  • Foreign lottery winnings Tax. 0 to 15% tax is preffered.

Foreign lotteries rules for playing through an intermediary


Officially, you can’t buy a ticket of foreign lottery in your country, because it may be sold only in the host country of the event. Due to the fact that there is a demand for tickets of world lotteries, intermediaries have appeared. These are companies that have arrangements with official ticket distributors around the world. Distributors are ordinary owners of small shops that additionally sell lottery tickets. It works in this way:

  • The intermediary company has special software that collects all ticket providers and current customer orders into 1 system.
  • The reseller receives daily ticket orders from intermediary’s customers.
  • He copies every order from the program, enters customers’ numbers into his lottery terminal and receives a ticket.
  • Then he scans the tickets and loads pictures into the program. The originals are put in a safe.
  • Tickets’ scans are automatically sent to customers.
  • After the draw, the distributor cashes the winnings and transfers it via bank payment to the intermediary company. And intermediary distributes winning to customers.
  • For its services, the distributor receives about 10 cents per ticket, plus 10-20% from lottery organizer.
  • The intermediary company, on whose website you can place an order, earns on reselling tickets 2-3 times more expensive. But they do not take commissions from the amount of the gain and bear the costs of organizing the entire process.


  1. A very expensive license (usually from the British Gaming Commission) guarantees honest game for all participants.
  2. All winnings, including the jackpot, will be transferred to the player’s bank account (no need to go to the country of the lottery drawing).

Betting on lotteries through reliable intermediary is really cheaper, faster and more convenient. Read the reviews. You will not find a single review to a reliable company stating that it did not pay the winnings.

Businessmen from Europe and USA understood a long time ago, that working honestly can earn more in the medium and long term.

European lotteries


The main ones are definitely Euromillions and EuroJackpot. Tickets’ price ranges from 5 to 6 euros, depending on the intermediary. Draws are held 2 times a week for the Euromillions lottery and 1 time for EuroJackpot. Jackpots of these games can reach up to 223 million euros. The chances of winning are not bad when compared with European national counterparts (which are held in only one EU country). And most important thing for winners is tax-free prizes! Also every European country has its own national lottery.

American lotteries


Everything is also simple. The main are Powerball and Mega Millions lotteries. The ticket price is from 5 to 7 dollars depending on intermediary. Draws take place 2 times a week and jackpots regularly exceed $ 100 million. Record win at Mega Millions, the world’s largest lottery, totaled $ 1 billion 600 million! The American Powerball jackpot is slightly less – $ 1 billion 580 million. The chances of winning Mega Millions’ jackpot are higher, but each Powerball win is 2 times larger. Situation with taxes is more complicated. You will have to pay 2 taxes just in the USA plus 1 tax at the place of residence:

  1. USA Federal tax is 39.6%
  2. State tax is 0 – 14%

World lottery is a good opportunity to get a chance to get rich. Sometimes, playing it is positioned as an investment. Is it worth the opportunity to get a million dollars for an investment, for example, in 10-15 dollars a month for a couple of tickets? My goal is to help you to navigate this diversity of lottos. I recommend you to buy tickets only online via reliable intermediaries, without leaving your home. You will receive small winnings on the card without commissions and taxes.

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